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Insights through analysis: How Digital Outcomes and Specialists suppliers are using filters

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As the list of Digital Outcomes and Specialists opportunities grows, suppliers need a way to focus on those most relevant to the services they offer. We recently made finding opportunities easier by adding filters to the opportunities page.

As part of our iterative approach to service design, we are constantly reviewing the usage of these filters to gain further insights.


What we’ve learnt from monitoring how filters are used

We've monitored the usage of the new filter feature from 12 August 2016 to 26 September 2016.

We found that the filters were used in 43.08% of total visits to the opportunities page. The usage has grown week by week. This shows that suppliers are increasingly using filters to explore and quickly find the opportunities they are interested in.

The usage increase per week can be seen in this chart:


Most common filter combinations

These were the filters most frequently used by suppliers:

  • open opportunities for all categories were filtered 4,262 times
  • open digital outcomes opportunities were filtered 3,532 times
  • open digital specialists opportunities were filtered 2,510 times
  • suppliers were interested in using a combined filter to see open opportunities across both digital specialists and digital outcomes, this filter was applied 4,033 times

The data we have seen so far has shown us that there is value in the filtering option. We now need to explore whether individual users are repeatedly using the same filters.

What we’ll do with this information

We will continue to monitor filter usage and use these insights to help improve how suppliers find and monitor the right opportunities for them.

If you have any feedback about how we could make it easier for you to find opportunities you’re interested in on Digital Outcomes and Specialists, we’d love to hear from you.

If you have any other questions about the Digital Marketplace, you can email

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  1. Comment by David posted on

    Good that filters have finally been implemented but surely the question is why did it take so long to deliver something that people have been asking for for months and was promised to be "coming soon" months ago?

    Something that is being used immediately in over 40% of visits is clearly being used to satisfy a very significant user need. Have your processes picked up why this user need was never identified in the first place? Or was it an active decision not to design a solution for the need to browse a list in an effective way?

    It's all very well pretending that this project is following a super duper agile process and having lots of blog posts about how rosy life is on this project but actually there are real businesses, projects and ultimately people that are being affected by your service. Have you estimated the cost of the lack of productivity that the error in missing out a solution for this user need has caused?

    I like that you blog about the project and commend you for it. But rather than the self congratulatory vacuous fluff I'd be interested to know that you are working to improve your processes and the skills of your team. What evidence have you got that Digital Outcomes is a success and how are you measuring that?

    Blog less, build more.

  2. Comment by Matthew Ford posted on

    Full text search would be nice.

    • Replies to Matthew Ford>

      Comment by nikivirdee posted on

      Hi Matthew,

      Thank you for your feedback. This has been passed on to the appropriate team.