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G-Cloud 8 supplier statistics

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G8 has attracted a higher number of new suppliers than any previous iteration of the G-Cloud framework. G-Cloud 8 (G8) services went live on the Digital Marketplace on 1 August. The public sector now has access to more services and suppliers of different sizes across the UK.

We have 757 new suppliers on the G8 framework, 94% of these are SMEs. We had 709 for G7, 95% of those were SMEs. The total number of suppliers on the G-Cloud framework (G7 and G8) is 2726 (90% SMEs) and the public sector now has access to over 26,000 services.

G-Cloud 8 Suppliers

If suppliers have G-Cloud services which they can no longer offer to buyers, they can remove them in their supplier account on the Digital Marketplace. Read this blog to understand how to remove G-Cloud services.

Worldwide Suppliers
Map of G7/8 suppliers. Some locations may be approximate

We’ll be sending out a survey to recent Digital Marketplace applicants to gather feedback on the G-Cloud 8 application process.

Download the list of awarded suppliers

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  1. Comment by Thomas posted on

    Is it possible to provide a full sized image of the map with other countries outside of UK?

    • Replies to Thomas>

      Comment by Digital Marketplace posted on

      Hello, Yes we have updated the post with a worldwide map. The map is based on what Google has recognised and some locations may not be wholly accurate. Thank you

      • Replies to Digital Marketplace>

        Comment by Thomas posted on

  2. Comment by Tim Pinchin posted on

    Whilst I accept that it's useful to have a marketplace for Government suppliers, how is this an efficient and easy to use procurement exercise for Public Sector organisations? There's no way CCS could have reviewed all 26,000 services in detail, and there doesn't seem to be any selection process to provide (as you would in a private sector organisation) two or three approved suppliers for each discipline.

    It's essentially now just become a list of all the suppliers in the market place for every cloud offering there is. So if I want to find someone to do something for me, instead of a refined list, I have to choose from 20 suppliers for each service. I still don't know if one supplier is better or has more experience than the next, and because there are so many players to choose from, it's just like putting the service I require into Google and taking pot-luck from a list. I then still have to review and weigh suppliers up against each other.

    Surely the purpose of this G-Cloud experiment in the first place was to provide a list of approved and vetted suppliers, with preferential rates for being given the chance to supply to a massive group of organisations? I'd love to see G-Cloud run more like procurement in large private sector organisations, and take some of the responsibility for refinement of suppliers, qualification of services, reduction in negotiated rates, to take the weight off local procurement operations. I'm afraid, as it stands at the moment, boasting about 26,000 services isn't doing anyone any good. We should be working to reduce the number of suppliers, negotiating better deals with a smaller number of suppliers, who are carefully approved and vetted based on the quality of their work and experience in the sector.

  3. Comment by Lee posted on

    Does this mean that all previous g-cloud suppliers (for example will automatically be on the provider list for g-cloud 8?