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You may already know that the Digital Marketplace is designed to be the new home for the G-Cloud and Digital Services frameworks. What you may not know is that we have assembled a multidisciplinary team here at Aviation House. The team is following the practices described in the Service Manual to build the Digital Marketplace following user-centred, agile methodologies.

User research is a vital part of making sure we get a product that’s right for our users, and it is important that it happens regularly. This is to ensure that the team can take on board and respond to findings as we continue to develop the Digital Marketplace. Lab-based sessions are focused on the product itself and we use the latest version and prototypes of future ideas to so we can understand how they are used.

We can’t have too many people

Our user research day takes place every second Wednesday. We have three buyers and three suppliers for each of these sessions. We also conduct user research interviews with people outside of these slots. Some example topics for these additional sessions are: persona research, attitude to risk, the application process, service categorisation, etc.

Bring your buyers

If you are a supplier who is in regular contact with buyers in Central Government and the wider public sector, please encourage them to sign up to participate. This post explains everything and there is a link to a survey at the end, which we are using to collect contact details.

Bringing the lab to you

If you work with a team of five or six buyers, or there are a few of you working in a particular location and are willing to host us, then get in touch and we can schedule a visit. All we need is one hour from each individual and a meeting room.

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  1. Comment by glen martin posted on

    Hi Ivanka, thank you that is really useful. Can you tell me if the new marketplace will continue with g-Cloud in the same four lots please. Also, a client asked me if they could buy lots 2,3 and 4 for use on a private cloud ie without buying lot 1. Is this possible in g-Cloud 5 as they believe it is not in g-cloud 4. Many thanks.

    • Replies to glen martin>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      The Digital Marketplace will be the replacement for what is now the CloudStore and Digital Services Store.

      The G-Cloud framework will continue to exist in its current format at this time for suppliers wanting to offer cloud-based services to the public sector.

      The four lots simply to separate the type of services offered. You can buy services from a single lot, or any combination of lots. It just depends on what you need to purchase for your requirements.

      • Replies to Raphaelle Heaf>

        Comment by glen martin posted on

        Hi Raphaelle, thank you for the clarificatio, that is very useful. Regards, Glen Martin