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Understanding user needs

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About 3 weeks ago I joined the commercial services team at GDS as user researcher.

I’ve already had a few discussions with buyers and suppliers and, even in the early stages, am gaining a more in depth understanding of some of the drivers and some of the challenges faced by buyers and suppliers. The planned research will include 1 hour, one-to-one sessions. For now, we’re aiming to set up these regular research sessions on Wednesdays to ensure that there is time for analysis, and to feed into the current design and build effort.

We need your help

We are looking for participants who fit the following descriptions:


  • currently supplying on G-Cloud or Digital Services framework
  • currently on G-Cloud or Digital Services framework but have not made any sales
  • applied and failed to get on either framework
  • thought about going on either of the frameworks but dismissed the idea
  • don’t know what a framework is


  • you are a professional procurement person working in the public sector
  • as part of your work in the public sector you have to buy things or commission work
  • you use the Digital Marketplace or Digital Services Store regularly
  • you have looked at Digital Marketplace or Digital Services Store and can’t see how it applies to your tasks
  • you don’t know anything about either of these stores

Sign up to participate

If you match any of the descriptions above then please follow the link at the end of this post and leave us details of: who you are, how to contact you, where you work and what your role is. We may also run other types of research and would like your consent to contact you with questionnaires or invitation to group workshops. Contact would be no more frequent than once a month. Follow the link and please sign up to help.

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  1. Comment by Understanding user needs – G-Cloud | Public Sector Blogs posted on

    […] Original source – G-Cloud […]

  2. Comment by Lou Valdini posted on

    I would be keen to participate, but when I click on 'Follow the link and please sign up to help' it asks me to register for survey monkey!

    • Replies to Lou Valdini>

      Comment by ivanka posted on

      Hi Lou,

      I've checked the link with a few people this end and it seems to be working. Perhaps this is a survey monkey issue?

  3. Comment by Kahootz (@Kahootz) posted on

    We always keen to support the development of the G-Cloud programme.

  4. Comment by Bill posted on

    One thing I'm interested in is that all the guidance published seems to indicate the CCS Digital Team will (must) run the procurement resulting from the business case. However that does not seem to happen and it falls to my Procurement Department, is this because our requirements are relatively small. Can this procedure be clarified better in the user guides

    • Replies to Bill>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      If you are part of Central Government, then GDS & CCS will manage the procurement for you. However, all other wider public sector will not receive this service and will need to manage the procurement themselves. We are happy to provide advice if you have any queries and can get in touch via email at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.

      We'll look to get the guides amended so that this is clearer.

  5. Comment by John Lavery posted on

    One of the Key Requirements for user of G-Cloud will be a searchable, Saveable, and properly interogatable search functionality offered by apporpriate content management tools instead of the current offerings (including the new alpha) which are fine for one off searches but lack the ability to save filters etc you would expect from a catalogue tool on this scale. More than happy to engage on how this can be improved - will try anything as support are unable to help me with using the current one effectively!