G-Cloud 5 update

G-Cloud 5 Go Live

We've had an exceptional high number of applications to G-Cloud 5, as such the Intention of Award letters will now be 9 May and the go live date is 22 May 2014.

G-Cloud iii extended

In order to make sure that there are no gaps in services available to buyers, G-Cloud iii (G3) will be extended to 22 May 2014. All suppliers on G3 will be notified via eSourcing.

Information for Buyers

Please note that G3 will be ending shortly. Any services supplied via this framework will no longer be available to purchase.

You can either:

  • wait for G5 to launch on 22 May 2014, and for new services to become available.
  • or, if your procurement is urgent all G3 purchases need to be completed by this date.

This will not affect any services available under G-cloud 4.


  1. Travis

    Is this still on track for live release tomorrow? (22 May 2014)

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