Sharing service questions for G-Cloud 9

Suppliers will be able to start their applications for G-Cloud 9 (G9) in March. To help suppliers prepare their answers before applications open, we’re sharing the draft service questions and categories. 

Please note that there may be some changes to the questions and categories when G9 opens for applications. We will tell you if there are any changes.

The questions

As we mentioned in our blog post about what's planned for G-Cloud 9, the 3 lots for G-Cloud 9 will be:

  • cloud hosting
  • cloud software
  • cloud support

Each lot will have its own service questions.

Download the draft questions on cloud hosting, draft questions on cloud software and draft questions on cloud support.

The question files were updated on 17 February at 3pm with some missing questions.


We shared a survey with buyers and suppliers to test the set of categories that we’ve created for G9. Some users told us they’d like to look at the categories in more detail, so we’re sharing them in a flexible format that you can use for reviewing.

Download the G-Cloud 9 draft categories.

Share your feedback

We would appreciate your feedback. If you’d like to share your comments on the draft questions and categories, we’ve created a comments column in the files we’re sharing. Please send the document with your comments to

We cannot comment on individual supplier queries, and we’ll be collecting feedback until 22 February 2017.


  1. Warren

    Is it possible to select more than one category per service within a Lot?

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  2. Carlos Cebrian

    Could you, please, advance the distinction between Cloud Hosting and Cloud Software?
    Can I suppose Cloud Hosting = IaaS, and Cloud Software = SaaS?

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  3. Steve Baines

    When will the G Cloud 9 applications be opened?

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  4. Ros Myers

    Have there been any changes to the draft questions above that were last updated on 17 February?

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  5. Ross Sampson

    Do I have to add all of our services again as they are the same as from G Cloud 8? But it seems I have to fill everything in again - is that correct?

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