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Help us test the categories for G-Cloud 9

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We know that suppliers want their services to be found by buyers on the Digital Marketplace, and that buyers want to be able to find the right suppliers as simply as possible.

For G-Cloud 9, we’ve been working on a set of categories that will help suppliers define their services more accurately. We want to help buyers find and compare groups of suitable products more easily.

We’re sharing our draft categories with buyers and suppliers so we can be sure that they make sense.

Please complete the survey that’s relevant to you, it should take no longer than 10 minutes. We really appreciate your help.

For suppliers:

For buyers:

We’ll be collecting this feedback until 6 February.

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  1. Comment by Jim Logan posted on

    Hi Sam - re: the survey to test the draft categories. What happens if we cannot allocate one of our services into one of the categories? There doesn't seem to be anywhere (that I can see) to gather any feedback on the categories other than to confirm (by the button) that you have been able to allocate it to a category.
    I'm a little concerned that G-Cloud 9 is going to come to market with wholesale changes which we are not prepared for or have sight of in advance. Especially if as we do have over 100 offerings over G7 & G8 which need refreshing in a very short space of time

  2. Comment by Jim Logan posted on

    Sam -further to my previous note - I do now see how we can supply the feedback - however I'm a little concerned that we only have until 6 Feb to respond . As I mentioned earlier our organisation has over 100 offerings which we would need to test against the categories. I'm not sure we have enough time to undertake this exercise in order to provide representative feedback. Other comments which I provided still stand- concern over the timetable

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      Comment by Sam Dobbin posted on

      Hi Jim,

      This test is part of our design process and is meant to help us get to a set of categories that we can share in public. Although we have to close the study to give us time to make changes, we will be publishing the amended list shortly afterwards, and in plenty of time for you to look at before applications open.

      Any feedback you can give us in the study is a real help, but it's certainly not your only chance.