G-Cloud 9: a provisional timetable

Suppliers will be able to apply to offer their services through G-Cloud 9 (G9) in March 2017 and we expect that G9 services will be available to buy on the Digital Marketplace in May.

To give interested suppliers a chance to plan their applications, we’re sharing the provisional timetable of G9 dates now. These dates may change slightly.

The timetable

Date Activity
07.03.17 G-Cloud 9 is open for applications
07.03.17 Clarification period starts
28.03.17 Clarification period closes at 5pm (BST)
04.04.17 5pm (BST) deadline for publishing answers to supplier questions
11.04.17 5pm (BST) application deadline
08.05.17 “Suppliers are told the result of their application ('intention to award')
09.05.17 10-day standstill period begins
18.05.17 10-day standstill period ends 11.59pm (BST)
22.05.17 We expect G9 services to be available in the Digital Marketplace

All existing G-Cloud suppliers need to apply to G9

When G9 services go live on the Digital Marketplace, all G-Cloud 7 and G-Cloud 8 services will be removed. All existing suppliers who want to continue offering G-Cloud services need to apply to G9.

How the G-Cloud application process will be changing

To apply, a supplier needs to give information about their:

  • company, by making a ‘supplier declaration’
  • services, by answering a set of questions about them

If you’ve completed a supplier declaration on the Digital Marketplace in an earlier application, you’ll now be able to reuse and review those answers for your G9 application.

In our blog about our G9 alpha, we said we’d investigate how we can help suppliers describe their services more clearly. We hope that by doing this it will be easier for buyers to find what they need. We’re doing user research to understand how different users think about cloud technology and this is helping us define a new list of questions for suppliers. The new questions are designed to collect information from suppliers in a way that enables buyers to:

  • get more useful search results
  • compare services more easily
  • make more informed decisions

We’ll share this new list of questions before applications open to help suppliers prepare, and we’ll talk more about this in a blog very soon.

Starting a G9 application

Although you won’t be able to start your online application until March, you can create a Digital Marketplace account now. We’ll let everyone with an account know when they can start their application.


  1. I McIntyre

    with the sentence "When G9 services go live on the Digital Marketplace, all G-Cloud 7 and G-Cloud 8 services will be removed", it's suggested GCloud 9 will be the first Framework that does not co-exist with a previous iteration. Is that correct and if so, what is the strategic rationale for that decision?

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    • Laura Flannery

      Hi Ian,

      Thank you for your comment. We'll be sharing more information on this in a blog very soon.


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  2. Gaurav

    Is it possible to know whether Cyber Essentials will be a mandatory requirement to apply for G-Cloud 9?

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    • Laura Flannery

      Hi Gaurav,

      Cyber Essentials is not a mandatory requirement for G9 but you will be asked if you are certified.


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