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Copying services in your G-Cloud 8 application

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Ahead of G-Cloud 8 (G8) opening for supplier applications next week, a few of our users have asked if there will be a ‘copy services’ feature to speed up their application.

Suppliers have told us they’d like to copy the details of their G-Cloud 6 (G6) or G-Cloud 7 (G7) services and adapt them for their G8 services.

You can’t copy G6 and G7 services to G8

New and existing G-Cloud suppliers must apply to supply their services in the same way to ensure the application process is fair. This means that for G8, existing G6 and G7 suppliers can’t simply copy services from one iteration to the next.

In the future we’ll work with the Government Legal Department to work out if there’s a quicker, compliant way for suppliers do this.

You can make copies of your G8 services

When you give details about the services you’d like to offer for G8, you’ll only need to fill in the information for your first service in each category. When you’ve given the information once, you’ll be able to make a copy of those details and adapt them for other services you’d like to apply to offer. The copied service has to be from the same category as the original service.

What G8 means for G6 and G7 suppliers

If you currently offer services through G6, you’ll need to apply to G8 if you’d like to continue to supply government through the G-Cloud framework. Unless you’d like to add new services or make significant changes to your existing ones, you don’t need to apply to G8 if you’re a G7 supplier. Our post about what G8 means for G6 and G7 suppliers gives more information.

The G8 application process

The G8 application process will be the same as it was for G7. You can:

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