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How to prepare for G-Cloud 8

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We expect to open G-Cloud 8 (G8) for supplier applications in mid May. To help suppliers prepare, we’re sharing part of the application process now.

The application process: how it works

Users will apply to supply their services through the G8 framework in the same way they did for G-Cloud 7 (G7). We talked about this in our post G8: a provisional timetable.

To apply, you’ll need to give information about your:

  • company, by making a ‘supplier declaration’
  • services, by answering a set of questions about them

Our guidance page has more information on both of these things in the ‘how to apply’ section.

Two changes to the service questions

During the G7 clarification period, a number of users asked questions about the ‘data in transit protection’ questions. To make things clearer for G8 we’ve changed the answers so you can choose an answer which explicitly includes HTTPS as well as virtual private network (VPN). These changes will affect the way you answer service questions if you’re applying to supply services in the following categories:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

The second change comes under the ‘asset protection and resilience’ section. In G7, you could answer by choosing ‘USA Safe Harbor’ for the first 3 questions. This isn’t an option for G8 because it’s now invalid in the European Union. If you would have chosen this option, you should choose ‘rest of world’ instead.

View the draft G-Cloud 8 service questions.

Changes to the supplier declaration

Part of the G7 supplier declaration asked suppliers to confirm that their services come under the cloud technology and support scope of G-Cloud. We received a number of clarification questions about this so to make it clearer, we’ve reworded it for G8.

View the draft G-Cloud 8 supplier declaration.

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  1. Comment by Huw Sayer posted on

    Why is the draft G-Cloud 8 supplier declaration a CSV doc that opens in Excel - why not a simple (readable) word doc?

  2. Comment by Huw Sayer posted on

    Is there a simple (short, easy to read) explanation of this G-Cloud 8 thing? Is it an essential part of being a supplier on the Digital Marketplace? How is this making it easier for micro-businesses to provide digital services when it requires so much time and effort to work out what we hoops we have to jump through?