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Digital Outcomes and Specialists services are available on the Digital Marketplace

Digital Outcomes and Specialists services are now available on the Digital Marketplace.

This means that public sector buyers can go to the Digital Marketplace to find what they need to deliver digital projects. When buyers have posted their requirements, suppliers will be able to apply for opportunities.

Guidance for buyers and suppliers

Although Digital Outcomes and Specialists is replacing Digital Services 2 (DS2), it isn’t simply a third iteration of the framework. We’ve completely redesigned it and the buying process is very different from DS2. Users can find out about it in our Digital Marketplace buyers and suppliers information. It tells buyers how to buy, and suppliers how buyers will evaluate them.

Digital Services 2: services and contracts

The closing date for Digital Services 2 (DS2) is currently 5 November 2016, however, we expect to close it before then. We’ll email DS2 buyers and suppliers 30 days before we do this to let them know the new closing date.

Now that services are available through Digital Outcomes and Specialists, the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Managed Service team will continue to help users who have already started the buying process through DS2. If you want to award a contract through DS2, you must do this before the framework closes, otherwise you’ll need to start the buying process again through Digital Outcomes and Specialists.

Help us iterate and improve

We want your feedback to help us iterate on our earliest usable product. When you’ve used the service, let us know what works well and what doesn’t to help us work out what we need to build next. Email with your feedback or sign up to be part of user research.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Huw Sayer posted on

    I've just received an email claiming to be from the Crown Commercial services (email address - something about downloading some MISO system (there's a zip file attached but I haven't opened it just in case this is in fact some spam email).

    What is this all about? I don't recall this being part of the sign up process (though there was a huge amount to read and it was a long time ago). Is there a simple online guide - that makes it easy for micro-business owners to comply. I thought the point of this Digital Marketplace was to make it easier for micro-businesses to tender for government work but it seems to just be burdening us with more red tape.

    Is there a help desk we can call to discuss?

    Thank you


  2. Comment by Krishna Lingamallu posted on

    When will DOS open for new application to be a supplier