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Applying to G-Cloud 6

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The Digital Marketplace helps public sector buyers find and compare cloud services that suppliers have submitted through the G-Cloud framework.

We need you

As the team building the Digital Marketplace, we have control over the technology stack, how we operate as a team, how often we do user research, what we do with the findings, how and what we monitor for performance, etc. When it comes to the thing the buyers are most interested in, we rely on you - the suppliers. The better the data you provide, the more easy it is for buyers to find the service that best meets their needs. G-Cloud 6 will be opening for submissions soon and this an opportunity for you to improve your service descriptions.

Creating a level playing field

I have mentioned in a previous blog post that our research has taught us that 3 key attributes matter when thinking about suppliers whose services feature on the Digital Marketplace:

  • Their existing experience of government (or lack thereof)
  • The level of sales and marketing skills within their organisation
  • The sales and marketing resource available to their organisation

To make it easier for all suppliers, regardless of experience and available resource, to produce good information about their services, we’ll be sharing all the questions that we’ll be asking about your individual services. This will help you prepare for the G-Cloud 6 application process and to provide service descriptions, features, and benefits.

Please take a look and think about how your services need to be described so that they can be found and reviewed more easily.

Make the most of G6

To take full advantage of these updates, we strongly recommend that you submit new and existing (G-Cloud 4 and G-Cloud 5) services to G-Cloud 6. More details about the dates will be published soon.

Submitting all services to G-Cloud 6 will mean that you can showcase the features and benefits of your services more clearly. You’ll also be given a dedicated supplier page where you can describe your company and include a client list. With your agreement, we would like to remove your old G-Cloud 4 and G-Cloud 5 service descriptions and replace them with the updated G-Cloud 6 versions you provide.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by David Dinsdale posted on

    This is a great idea but there is a practical issue.

    In the past, suppliers have been told that replacing a product with a new product automatically disqualifies the supplier from any ongoing procurements. As a supplier, we do not have visibility of procurements in flight, hence the reason why many suppliers keep different versions of the same product live on Cloudstore.

    Can you guarantee this will not happen if GVI products replace GV and GIV products?

    • Replies to David Dinsdale>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      This is something that we are looking into as part of our ongoing improvements to the Digital Marketplace and the frameworks. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>