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Keeping everyone updated

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Every month we present a short update to the whole office. This means we can keep everyone informed of what we’ve been up to and share our findings.

Katie Taylor is the user researcher for Digital Marketplace, which sits in the Digital Commercial Programme team. She regularly posts on the blog about what we’re discovering in our user-testing sessions.

Last month, Katie talked about the popup research we had held at the Public Sector Show. She pointed out how language was a key part of the store. While some people understand the terms IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, the vast majority of people are not comfortable with browsing the site because they don’t understand the terms, or they aren’t 100% sure which category the thing they’re after fits in.

Another important insight was around the performance of search. The feedback we’ve taken has already helped to make improvements to the way the Digital Marketplace alpha is working.

You can help by getting involved with our user research or by checking out the Digital Marketplace and emailing us your thoughts.

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