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Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2: a provisional timetable

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Suppliers will be able to apply to offer their services through Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 from 1 November 2016. We expect that services will go live on the framework in February 2017.


As we wrote earlier this month, the application process and framework agreement for Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 will be the same as it was for the first iteration of the framework. However, we’ll continue to iterate on the buying journey for buyers and suppliers, as we’ve done for the last 6 months.

To give interested suppliers a chance to plan their applications, we’re sharing the provisional timetable for Digital Outcomes and Specialists 2 now.

The timetable

Date Activity
1 Nov 2016 Digital Outcomes and Services 2 is open for applications
1 Nov 2016 Suppliers can start asking questions
22 Nov 2016 Suppliers can no longer ask questions after 5pm (GMT)
29 Nov 2016 All answers to supplier questions will be published by 5pm (GMT)
6 Dec 2016 Application deadline at 5pm (GMT)
16 Jan 2017 ““Suppliers are told the result of their application ('intention to award')
17 Jan 2017 10 day standstill period begins
26 Jan 2017 10 day standstill period ends at 11.59pm (GMT)
Feb 2017 Digital Outcomes and Services 2 services are expected to be available on the Digital Marketplace

The Digital Outcomes and Services 2 application process

Although you won’t be able to start your application online until the framework is open in early November, you can create a Digital Marketplace account nowWe’ll email everyone with an account so they know when they can start their application.

The way suppliers apply to Digital Outcomes and Specialists  2 will be the same as for Digital Outcomes and Specialists. Suppliers will:

  • make a supplier declaration
  • give information about their services
  • ask questions through their Digital Marketplace account
  • be able to see all suppliers' questions as well an answer from an expert in the relevant subject area

Existing Digital Outcomes and Specialists suppliers

You can read more about the application process in the Digital Outcomes and Specialists suppliers' guide.

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