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G-Cloud 8: apply to supply your cloud services

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You can now apply to offer your cloud technology and support services to government through the G-Cloud 8 (G8) framework.

If your application is successful, we expect your services to be available through G8 on the Digital Marketplace on 1 August 2016. The deadline for applications is 5pm (BST) on 21 June.

G-Cloud 8 timetable

Several dates have changed since we published the provisional timetable. Here's the updated timetable:

Date Activity
17.5.16 G-Cloud 8 is open for applications
17.5.16 Clarification period starts
7.6.16 Clarification period closes at 5pm (BST)
14.6.16 5pm (BST) deadline for publishing answers to supplier questions
21.6.16 5pm (BST) application deadline
18.7.16 “Suppliers are told the result of their application ('intention to award')
19.7.16 10 day standstill period begins
28.7.16 10 day standstill period ends 11.59pm (BST)
1.8.16 We expect G8 services to be available in the Digital Marketplace

Eligible G8 services

Your services may be eligible for G8 if they fit into one of these categories:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), eg content delivery networks or hosting
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) eg platforms that provide a basis for building other services and applications
  • Software as a Service (SaaS), eg accounting tools or customer service management software
  • Specialist Cloud Services, eg IT health checks or data migrations

We blogged about how we’ve changed the scope of the fourth category for this iteration of G-Cloud.

How to apply

Our G-Cloud suppliers’ guide explains how to apply to G8.

How to ask a question

Now that G8 is open for applications, we’re in the ‘clarification period’. This means that if you need to ask a question about G8, you must send it to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) through your account on the Digital Marketplace. We’ll post your question along with an answer from CCS in updates page of your account.

To make sure the process is fair and transparent, all suppliers will be able to see all questions and answers. You can ask questions between now and 5pm (BST) on 7 June 2016. We’ll answer them by 5pm (BST) on 14 June 2016.

If you have technical problems

Email if you have any technical issues with the Digital Marketplace.

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