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Digital Outcomes and Specialists: Sharing draft documents

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In February 2016, the Government Digital Service (GDS) and the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) will replace Digital Services 2 (DS2) with Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS).

We’ve been working with buyers and suppliers to create a framework that will make the commissioning process simpler, clearer and faster so that the public sector can deliver successful digital services. Here’s an overview of Digital Outcomes and Specialists.

Simplified contracts

We’ve simplified the Digital Outcomes and Specialists contractual documentation. As a result, the framework agreement and call-off contract are now less than 50% of the length of the DS2 documents. We’ve also put as much as we can into plain English.

View the draft tender documents now

Although the framework isn’t open for applications yet, we’re sharing the draft tender documents now so that suppliers can consider whether to take part. We’re publishing the:

    • Draft framework agreement 
      This document sets out the terms and conditions under which purchases (‘call-offs’) can be made throughout the duration of the contract.
    • Draft call-off contract
      This is a specifically tailored contract between a buyer and a supplier that specifies the terms, conditions and prices for goods or services.
    • Draft supplier declaration questions 
      A set of questions that suppliers must answer. They must agree to certain terms of the bid and provide information about themselves to confirm their eligibility.
    • Draft service-specific questions 
      Before they're eligible to sit on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework, suppliers must confirm that their services have certain essential characteristics. This set of questions determines this.
    • Draft suppliers guide
      A document with guidance on the services you can sell, how to apply, how to edit services and how to buy services.

Please note that these are draft documents and there is no guarantee that the final documents will be exactly the same. We’ll publish the OJEU Notice and official supporting documents when the competition is formally open. At that point, suppliers should disregard these draft documents and rely only on the OJEU versions.

Questions on the draft ITT documents

Suppliers can ask questions about the draft tender documents until the application opens. Please send any questions to We’ll publish frequently asked questions based on your responses with a view to providing more information on applications.

The next step for suppliers

Read the documents to help you decide if this framework is the right place for your services. If it is, you can start to prepare your answers and plan who’ll provide legal, commercial and technical advice.

The application process consists of the supplier declaration and questions about the services you’d like to offer. Evaluation at this stage is much lighter as the amount of information required has been radically reduced since DS2. Instead, buyers will request detailed information from suppliers when suppliers respond to a specific brief.

Stay updated

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework will be opening for applications in November 2015. It will remain open over Christmas until mid January so that suppliers can work around the festive period. We’ll publish more details on how to apply in another blog post shortly, along with a timetable outlining expected dates. Sign up to the Digital Marketplace blog to make sure you receive the information.

In the meantime, suppliers can create an account using the ‘create supplier account’ link in the main navigation on the Digital Marketplace homepage. Once you have an account, you’ll receive an email when Digital Outcomes and Specialists opens.

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