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Digital Services - a fresh start

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With Digital Services 2 (DS2) currently in the supplier evaluation stage we're already working on the redesigned Digital Services framework (DS3). We’re taking into account all the feedback on Digital Services 1 from user research (both buyers and suppliers), social media, online commentary, our evaluators and through our customer support channels.

A new approach

We’ll evolve the framework and the Digital Marketplace platform in line with our own service design principles. We’ve formed a multidisciplinary team (the Digital Services Team) across the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and the Government Digital Service (GDS), with expertise in procurement, agile delivery, service design, communications, content design and user research. This team will be expanding to include the Treasury Solicitor’s Department (TSol) as the framework content develops.

Digital Services Team

Following on from a Digital Services Team workshop we had yesterday, user research will be validating the following key themes with buyers and suppliers, and drawing on our already-existing pool of user findings:

  • Buyer needs for the delivery of digital projects
  • How suppliers feel they can best meet those needs
  • The level of trust, evaluation and support that buyers expect and want
  • Other similar frameworks in the public and private sector

Taking an agile approach, we’ll be iterating the Invitation to Tender (ITT) documentation and publishing it for feedback. All feedback will be reviewed and considered. It will be considered against our buyers needs, the overall market needs, and compliance with both European Union (EU) legislation and government digital policy. This process is likely to start after the pre-election period has come to a close.

What’s next

Our delivery manager is now pulling together a plan to align the user research, framework development, EU procurement timeframes and technology work-streams, drawing on the work carried out yesterday.

The Civil Service needs to keep communications to a minimum during the pre-election period. Once this period is over, we’ll be regularly talking about our progress and looking for feedback from our entire stakeholder base.

For any specific queries during this period, please direct them to

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by David Dinsdale posted on

    It would be helpful if Government did a public consultation with suppliers on the future of this type of procurement. There are a lot of people who would be willing to contribute if asked. Why not get some dates in the diary after the election? You can always change it but it helps to have early notice.

  2. Comment by Graham C posted on

    It is unfortunate, and a definite impediment to rapid digital progress, to have as a mandatory prerequisite one securing a DUNS number for a business/service/process which be novel and virtually based and with no official history or SCADA record.

    The service provided by the Digital Marketplace and G-Cloud, and by extension and support, HM Government and the Civil Service, does then by mandating such a requirement, exclude and isolate itself from the very virtually creative sectors and agents that systems of good and great governance and future secure programming desperately require of government and servants of peoples.

  3. Comment by John Wood posted on

    My company wishes to supply services through the Digital Marketplace but are unable to find out when we will be able to do so. I believe the intention was to open the OJEU every 6 months and the last time it was open was December(?), so it must be due again soon. Can anyone tell me when we can apply as we are losing business by not being there... Thanks