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Keeping the conversation going

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One of the most common questions we’re asked when we’re doing user research for the Digital Marketplace is “When is this going live?”

This is a hard question to answer because it’s much more important to create a service that is fit for purpose than to meet a deadline. We have specifically made our alpha public so that everyone can get involved in its development before it goes live.

This doesn’t mean that we can ignore the question though - I always remind participants that once we’ve spoken to each other in the lab, that’s not the end of the process and their continued feedback is important. We want you to keep talking about Digital Marketplace, try out the alpha and help us to hone it into the best service it can be.

Tell us what you think

The live alpha is publicly available and can be found here. As always, we encourage comments on the blog. If you have views on how Digital Marketplace is developing please do leave a comment, you can also email us at

Call for buyers

We’ve spoken to just over fifty users now, and many of these have been suppliers. Both ones who are already selling services through G-Cloud, and those who are interested in joining the framework.

If you’re a buyer in the public sector, we’re very interested to hear from you. Digital Marketplace will become the single place to find the services you need to help support and build digital services. It’s important to us that buyers are at ease with the experience as it continues to evolve.

Find out more about why we’re doing user research and join in by following this link

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