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Sprint highlights: 13 - 25 August

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Opening up Digital Marketplace for buyers

We have two more data migration stories remaining until we can officially open Digital Marketplace for business.
As soon as these have passed Quality Assurance we will be giving Digital Marketplace a green light.

Supplier Submission Workflow

Supplier submission process

We have taken the revised list of G-Cloud questions that will be used for the new version of the service submission portal and completed the designs for how these will be represented in the interface.

There has also been some detailed work to account for edge cases such as those where a buyer might also be a supplier within the system.

We are finalising discussions with GOV.UK for how the supplier start page will look.

More reporting through Zendesk

Currently we have all queries for G-Cloud & Digital Marketplace going through to our customer helpdesk in Zendesk. Over the next week, we'll be bringing in the dsf-support email so that now all queries are coming into one channel.

We’re also improving the way we collate how many queries we’re getting in and what they are so that we can help to answer more of these up front, either by improving the tools or by publishing information on the blog.

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