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CloudStore Search

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As part of helping buyers find relevant services on CloudStore here are a few tips that will help specify the service you are looking for. CloudStore focuses search on a range of filters, but if you know the keywords you want to search for you can use the search box.

Using the search box effectively

Double quotes

When you type in multiple words in to the search box, the search will look for services that contain all the words entered. This will return a lot of results.

However, If you include double quotations i.e. "content management system" it will search for the whole phrase, not individual words.

For instance, if you enter in to the search box “Service Management” It will search services which have the phrase “Service Management” which will help to reduce the number of results returned.

Searching for multiple keywords

In addition to specifying a phrase, you can also use the plus symbol (+) to join words or phrases. This will allow you to find a service that provides more than one requirement.

Such as 'hosting + archiving' which will again reduce the number of results you can then filter on.

If you need any further help with your search or defining your requirements, then you can always get in touch at

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  1. Comment by Charlie Hull posted on

    There's lots of issues with Cloudstore search, one being that the content is now heavily keyword-stuffed. for example contains pretty much every software related terms from the last 5 years (I found this with the query 'enterprise search' (no quotes)). Adding quotes helps a little - but even so "enterprise search" returns an offering of online conferencing as number 5 . I'm afraid that you need to work on both cleaning up the content (no search system can fix *all* the issues with badly curated content) and on relevance tuning for the search engine, because frankly the system is barely usable in its current state.

  2. Comment by Charlie Hull posted on