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G-Cloud 5 tips

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With less than a week to go until submissions close for G-Cloud 5, we want to give you a few tips so that you feel confident about your application. You have until Thursday 10 April to finalise your submission, and even if you have already submitted, you can make any amendments by clicking 'edit' next to the service you would like to amend in the Service Submission Portal. Remember that you'll then need to re-submit any services you've updated.

A few pointers

  • Make sure you read the ITT guidance documentation fully and submit your service in the correct LOT. If you’re unsure, read a definition on Cloud Services on page 2 of Attachment 2 as well as information about the LOTS in Section 3, page 5 in Attachments 1 and pages 16 & 17 in Attachment 4 of the ITT documentation pack.
  • Within each service, make sure that you have service names and descriptions that easily describe what your service is for buyers.
  • Make sure the contact details you provide should be for people who can respond to sales enquiries and not the Chief Executive
  • The services you submit are fixed at the point of tender, so make sure you have described your service in a clear and easy to read format. Be clear about the product and its features to make it as easy as possible for buyers to understand what you offer and how it’s priced.
  • Make sure your Service Definition Document gives enough details for buyers about what your service does so that buyers can easily assess if you should be an option in the shortlist without having to ask for extra information
  • Your Pricing Document should highlight all your different pricing options, including volume discounts, special combination prices, and sector specific prices, e.g. Education.
  • The ‘price’ field of the SSP should reflect the most common rate or unit price. All other rates and units must be declared in your pricing document, and your published price on the CloudStore must also be reflected in this document. Putting ‘£0.00’ as the price when it's not free could lead to your service failing Assurance.
If you have any issues with the Service Submission Portal, then don't hesitate to get in touch at

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