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G-Cloud 5: what you need to know

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Now that the OJEU notice for G-Cloud 5 has been published, we can confirm the timetable for this round of submissions.

25.2.14 Publication of the OJEU Contract Notice
25.2.14 Clarification period starts
25.2.14 e-Sourcing Portal opens
25.2.14 SSP opens
19.3.14 Clarification period closes
28.3.14 Deadline for the publication of responses to Clarification questions
10.4.14 “Tender Submission Deadline” (3pm BST)
2.5.14 Intention to award notification issued to successful and unsuccessful Potential Providers.
3.5.14 - 13.5.14 10 day standstill (in accordance with Regulation 32)
14.5.14 Expected “Commencement date” for Framework Agreement

About G-Cloud 5

G-Cloud is a set of frameworks for the public sector to buy cloud-based services in a flexible and open way through the CloudStore.

The lots have remained the same as previous framework iterations:

Lot 1: Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)
Lot 2: Platform As A Service (PaaS)
Lot 3: Software As A Service (SaaS)
Lot 4: Specialist Cloud Services (SCS)

G-Cloud 5 is similar to G-Cloud 4 in scope but we've updated the guidance and supporting information to help make it easier to apply.

Please read through all of the information provided in the Invitation to Tender (ITT).

Key steps:

  • Suppliers not registered on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) eSourcing suite will first need to register with this service which will be used to manage the ITT process.
  • Once registered, you should send in your expression of interest by emailing, detailing your organisation’s name and interest in the G-Cloud 5 framework, Reference: RM1557v.
  • If you are a supplier who has already registered on the CCS eSourcing suite, you should express your interest in this framework by emailing as above.
  • Once logged in to the eSourcing Suite, you will need to accept the ‘invitation to tender’ to gain access and answer the mandatory questions to meet procurement regulations.
  • You then need to register to the Government Digital Service (GDS) Service Submission Portal. This makes it easier for add your service details and upload the relevant documents to the CloudStore.
  • Any questions you have about the process or the framework should be submitted via the eSourcing Suite.
  • If you have any technical issues, please email us at

We'll continue to update the blog with additional information as the submission period goes on and as always we're keen to hear your feedback to ensure we can keep improving this process.

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  1. Comment by Bob Smith posted on

    The OJEU notice for G-Cloud 5 has no section V. Is there something missing or is this deliberate.

    • Replies to Bob Smith>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      This section is not relevant to this OJEU so is never published.

      • Replies to Raphaelle Heaf>

        Comment by Bob Smith posted on

        Thankyou for clarifying.

  2. Comment by Fran posted on

    What's the easiest way to apply to G-Cloud 5 if we're an existing G-Cloud supplier?

    • Replies to Fran>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      Hi, You'll need to follow the same steps but you should already have an eSourcing login. Send the email to register your interest and then you should see a link for G-Cloud 5.

  3. Comment by Céline posted on

    Until when can we answer to the questions in the GPS eSourcing?

  4. Comment by Judy Aldred posted on

    Are you informing the suppliers today if they are successful/unsuccessful? how will you be communicating and when approx?

    • Replies to Judy Aldred>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      Letters are in the process of going out at the moment. We'll let everyone know via eSourcing and Twitter when they've all been sent.

  5. Comment by Steve posted on

    If a company is listed on G Cloud 5, is it eligible to tender for contracts listed on G Cloud 4?

    • Replies to Steve>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      All the services on CloudStore, regardless of if they are a G-Cloud 4 or G-Cloud 5 supplier, will show up in a search for a buyer. Each framework has a specific call-off contract that is used, which will be the main difference.

  6. Comment by Nick posted on

    When will the next G-Cloud evaluation likely be for new suppliers? Keen to understand how often this is reviewed as I missed the window this year.

  7. Comment by Edward posted on

    Can you confirm when the OJEU for G-Cloud 6 will be released in October?

    • Replies to Edward>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      It should be in the next couple of weeks. We will update everyone with more details soon.