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Digital Outcomes and Specialists guidance

Digital Outcomes and Specialists services will be available on the Digital Marketplace later this month and we’ve been writing guidance to help people buy and sell services more easily.

How we did it

Our content team has worked closely with the category experts at Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to write guides that will make the buying process simpler and clearer for users. We brought our specialist knowledge together to help us write accurate guidance in plain English that meets the user need. Working collaboratively like this is called ‘pair writing’.

Our progress so far

The guides will be hosted on GOV.UK by the time Digital Outcomes and Specialists services are available. We’ll be writing more guides to make sure that users can access help throughout the buying process.

So far, we’ve pair written guides on:

  • early market engagement
  • writing requirements
  • answering questions from suppliers
  • ways to assess suppliers
  • buying services fairly
  • completing a contract
  • contract management
  • creating your audit trail
  • paying suppliers
  • terms and conditions on the Digital Marketplace

We’re in the process of writing guides on:

  • the Digital Outcomes and Specialists buying process
  • shortlisting suppliers
  • evaluating suppliers

Sharing draft guidance

Here’s a draft of the Answering questions from suppliers guide. We’ll be sharing more draft guides on our blog over the next few weeks.

Sharing and comments

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  1. Comment by Jason posted on

    Hi, is it possible to get early access to the requirements guide I am currently undertaking a procurement and would find this invaluable?

  2. Comment by Corinne Powers posted on

    Hi, I realise the new digital outcomes and specialists roster has just gone live very recently. Please can you advise me how long is this framework is in place for, and when the next opportunity will be to apply as a supplier for the fourth iteration of this?
    Many Thanks!