Submit your services for Digital Services 2

The Digital Services framework

The Digital Services framework was first launched last year to help bring in a quality pool of suppliers to help design and build digital services in an agile way. All the suppliers need to work in a way that meets the expectations set in the Service Design Manual. They also need to support departments in building and running services that meet the Digital by Default Service Standard.

This particular framework was put together jointly by Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and the Government Digital Service (GDS) specifically to support the Government’s Digital Strategy.

The second iteration of the framework, Digital Services 2 (DS2), has now opened for suppliers to submit their services. The closing date for submissions in 29 January 2015.

The application process

Supplying Digital Services

  1. Sign up to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) eSourcing Portal
  2. Register your ‘expression of interest’ on the Crown Commercial Service eSourcing Portal
  3. Answer the ‘invitation to tender’ (ITT) questions on the Crown Commercial Service eSourcing Portal
  4. Take part in a price evaluation process for suppliers who pass the evaluation
  5. Award of framework agreements will be sent to successful suppliers


  1. Dave

    Could you update this page to reflect the correct date for final submission (29th Jan 2015)

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    • Raphaelle Heaf

      Yes we have just had confirmation of this date and have updated the post to reflect this.

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  2. Dave


    I can't seem to find dates on when price evaluation and award will take place. Could you please update or confirm the schedule for DSF2

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    • Raphaelle Heaf

      Updated dates will be published shortly. Please note that all supplier communications for DS2 need to go through the CCS eSourcing Portal.

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  3. Peter

    I'd like to submit a digital service. Is there going to be a DS3?

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