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We're Open!

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G-Cloud 4 is now live and we had a record number of submissions this time round. From today there are 1183 suppliers with over 13,000 number of services available in the CloudStore up from just over 800 providing more than 7000 services. We’re also pleased that the G-Cloud frameworks have continued to open up the playing field with SMEs still providing the majority (84%, up from 83%) (subject to change)of the services.

Great feedback but we want more

There has been some great feedback about the improvements to the submission process, but we still know that we’ve got more work to do to ensure that we continue to lower the barriers and make the process as easy and open as possible for all suppliers. If you want to let us know about your experience then please get in touch at

Update for buyers

G-Cloud 4 new means you have even more services to choose from. Services that were on the G-Cloud ii framework (ID: 2.Gxxx) are no longer available. If you were already in the process of assessing services to purchase on G-Cloud iii, it is worth noting that some suppliers may have duplicate services now available and might have used this as an opportunity to offer updated terms, prices or offerings. You should have a look at what is on offer on G-Cloud 4 before completing an Award and Call-Off.

Update for suppliers

Please note that access is currently closed to the supplier site so do not try to login to the pop-up that appears. We will be opening this again to all suppliers as soon as we can, so please check our blog and twitter account for further news. Please email if you have an urgent amendment to make in the meantime and we will assist.

When we open access, if you’re new to CloudStore then your account will have been set up for you using the contact email you used as part of your tender submission. All you need to do is request a password reset and you will then be able to login to manage your catalogue entries. The information you provided in your submission will have been used to pre-populate the fields in the CloudStore. Some areas are editable, such as adding a logo or updating your short description. Other areas may require approval from GPS.

Update for existing suppliers

If you’ve previously been on G-Cloud ii, then your Gii services will have been removed as the framework ended on Sunday 27 October. Any new services that are now on G-Cloud 4 are now available.

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  2. Comment by Alistair Cheesebrough posted on

    Hi, it's excellent that G-Cloud is up and running again and that there are so many new services. Unfortunately it appears that some of the filter options have been removed from the previous version (the targeted IL for example) which is making it relatively difficult to narrow down results to a manageable level. Will these be reinstated at some point?

    Additionally is there an ETA on how long it will be before searches can be exported? I am attempting to cross-correlate a number of searches to determine the different relevant offerings by the suppliers on G-Cloud and without an export function this is proving difficult.

    Many thanks!


    • Replies to Alistair Cheesebrough>

      Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

      Hi Alastair,

      I hope that some of the issues you mention have been resolved. We do encourage buyers to not look for specific Impact Levels and rather find a suitable service and look to have it accredited at the point of contract.

      We are currently spending quite a bit of time reviewing the functionalities of the store and will keep people updated as we continue to improve the experience of the store.

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