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G-Cloud 4 Now Open

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Today we can confirm the launch and timetable of the next procurement round for applications to join G-Cloud, which is called G-Cloud 4 (G4). The OJEU notice can be found here.

What’s new in G-Cloud 4?

Building on the feedback we’ve received from suppliers during the G-Cloud iii (Giii) procurement, we’ve made some improvements to the Invitation to Tender process (ITT) process, in summary:

  • Clearer instructions on how to apply for suppliers new to G-Cloud
  • Clearer instructions on how to carry forward services for suppliers already on G-Cloud ii (Gii) or Giii
  • The use of two systems for tender submissions:
  • Government Procurement Service (GPS) eSourcing suite for responses to mandatory questions to meet procurement regulations
  • Government Digital Service (GDS) Service Submission Portal to make it easier for suppliers by ensuring documentation is a mandatory upload so there is no possibility of suppliers failing compliance for non-submission of documents. This will make the process of uploading documents to the CloudStore simple.
  • Pre-population of company details and service information in the Service Submission Portal for current G-Cloud suppliers.
  • How to apply

    As with previous procurement rounds, G4 will be conducted in open and fair competition in line with EU procurement regulations, open to all suppliers. Applications are open now and the next step will depend on whether you’ve already registered with GPS.

    Planned tender milestones:

    06.08.13 Publication of the OJEU Contract Notice
    06.08.13 Clarification period starts
    06.08.13 e-Sourcing Portal opens
    04.09.13 at 15:00 Clarification period closes
    13.09.13 at 15:00 Deadline for the publication of responses to Clarification questions
    23.09.13 at 15:00 Deadline for submission of Tenders to the Authority (“Tender Submission Deadline”)
    16.10.13 Intention to award notification issued to successful and unsuccessful Potential Providers.
    17.10.13 to 28.10.13 10 day standstill (in accordance with Regulation 32)
    29.10.13 Expected “Commencement Date” for Framework Agreement(s)

    Key steps:

    • Suppliers already registered on the GPS eSourcing suite should express their interest in this framework by emailing, detailing their organisation’s name and interest in the G-Cloud 4 framework, Reference: RM1557iv
    • Suppliers not registered on the GPS eSourcing suite will first need to register with this service which will be used to manage the ITT process. Once registered, you should send in your expression of interest email (as above).
    • Once your ‘expression of interest’ has been received, you will receive an email from GPS with instructions to login to the eSourcing suite. Once logged in, you will need to accept the ‘invitation to tender’ to gain access to the documentation you need to proceed.

    G-Cloud ii suppliers:

    If you are currently only on the Gii framework, you should apply to G4 to ensure continuity for your services, as the Gii framework will expire on 27 October 2013. After this date, if you have not applied for G4, you will no longer be a G-Cloud supplier.

    G-Cloud iii suppliers:

    You can choose to remain on the Giii framework (running until May 2014) or carry forward all or some of your services to G4. If you want to carry forward, amend or add any new services under G4, you must follow the tender process and submit all these services as part of your response. We will pre-populate the Service Submission Portal with your existing company details and services to make it easier for you if you decide you would like to bid for G4. You must submit all required attachments for your bid to be compliant.

    New applicants:

    If you are bidding for the first time you must follow the tender process and submit the services that you would like to offer to the public sector on a utility basis or as outcome-based services for Lot 4 (Specialist Cloud Services), as per the definitions outlined in the ITT documentation.

    G-Cloud and Digital Services Framework

    G-Cloud provides access to commodity, cloud-based services. The Digital Services framework will allow government customers to commission bespoke digital services via Government Digital Service / Government Procurement Service (GDS/GPS). Current and new suppliers can continue to offer all the G-Cloud Lot 4 Specialist Cloud Services (SCS) except under the category ‘Agile: development and management’, which has been removed to streamline the way we display services on the CloudStore to make it easier for buyers to find the appropriate services for their needs. Existing G-Cloud and new providers of commodity-based development services, can choose to submit under alternative categories of Lot 4 SCS. As part of our ongoing review of user needs we may revise the future scope of ICT procurements

    Keep watching this space, where we will post new information and guidance as it arises.

    G-Cloud Team

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    1. Comment by Kahootz (@Kahootz) posted on

      Thanks Peter,

      we will use this opportunity to improve our service descriptions and offerings based on what we have learnt selling to the UK public sector via the G-Cloud for the last 18 months.

    2. Comment by Edwardo Francis posted on

      Speaking at the Public Sector Enterprise ICT conference in London, Nelson told delegates that standardising services and moving towards a 'pay as you go' model of procurement would would provide the biggest hurdle to take-up of the G Cloud. But he made it clear that the government was determined to move towards using a centralised procurement model for cloud based ICT services.

    3. Comment by G-Cloud 4 opens its doors for next round of tenders | Technology News Hub posted on

      [...] launch and timetable were posted on the UK government blog, with the clarification period closing on September 4, and the tender submission deadline arriving [...]

    4. Comment by This week at GDS | Government Digital Service posted on

      [...] week Mike talks about the recruitment hub, the digital services framework, and G-Cloud 4. He also talks about Young Rewired State and welcomes several new starters to [...]

    5. Comment by Stella posted on

      First step for new applicants is to register for GPS eSourcing and it requires the DUNS number. However, only businesses based in UK and Ireland can obtain that number. How about U.S. based cloud providers? Is the procurement round only open to UK and Ireland based companies? I've seen quite a few US companies in the pool tho. Please let me know. Thank you.

      • Replies to Stella>

        Comment by Peter Middleton posted on

        Hi Stella - you can obtain an international DUNS number, so it's open to companies globally, we have participants from Australia, Europe, USA, etc. Thanks

    6. Comment by G Cloud 4 now open. « Tenders Direct Blog posted on

      [...] Full details of how to apply can be found at [...]

    7. Comment by Conor posted on

      What is the typical timeframe for the ‘expression of interest’ email to be processed by GPS?

      • Replies to Conor>

        Comment by Peter Middleton posted on

        Hi Conor - this should be within 24 hours - if you don't hear anything, then get in touch with the GPS helpdesk.

    8. Comment by Mark posted on

      There are plenty of links above to the 'eSourcing suite', which I've got. But the heavy lifting seems to happen at the 'Service Submission Portal' which isn't linked anywhere. Nowhere in all the docs can I find where this wretched thing is! Can you help?

      • Replies to Mark>

        Comment by Peter Middleton posted on

        Hi Mark - the guidance on this in Attachment 3 (G-Cloud 4 Award Questionnaire Evaluation Guidance) on page 4.

    9. Comment by Paul posted on

      Are you still on track to notify supplier's of the success of their application today?

    10. Comment by Mark Sorsa-Leslie posted on

      Can we use the expression of interest address to be included in information about the next round of service submissions? Also, is there a timetable available for that next round?

      • Replies to Mark Sorsa-Leslie>

        Comment by Peter Middleton posted on

        Hi Mark - you should only use the expression of interest email when we have opened a procurement round. You should keep an eye on our blog and new .GOV page for information on when the next round will start, but it's likely to be early February 2014. Thanks, Peter

    11. Comment by Des posted on

      We missed this when is the next framework opening so we can apply?

      • Replies to Des>

        Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

        G-Cloud 5 will be open in early 2014. We'll let you know on the blog when you can submit but in the mean time you can register for future framework opportunities here:

        • Replies to Raphaelle Heaf>

          Comment by simonm posted on

          Please can you make the _G4_ ITT-process documents available for download, so that, as potential new suppliers, we can do some preparation for G5 before the real ones are released?

          • Replies to simonm>

            Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

            We will be preparing some guidance to publish in the New Year, prior to G5 so that suppliers will have time to prepare and understand what they need to do.

        • Replies to Raphaelle Heaf>

          Comment by Peter Burgess posted on

          Is there any way of being automatically notified when applications for G-Cloud 5 open or is it just a case of checking the blog regularly?

          • Replies to Peter Burgess>

            Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

            Yes, do keep an eye on our blog, but we also recommend that you register on the eSourcing Suite as this is the first step of tendering for any framework.

            • Replies to Raphaelle Heaf>

              Comment by Peter Burgess posted on

              Thanks for your reply. I registered on the e-sourcing suite site on Tuesday 7th January and was informed that I would be contacted when the registration had been confirmed, but I have not heard anything since. I have just tried to login to the site with the details I registered under and the entry came up with invalid. I clicked on the 'Help and Support' link, but this returned 'Page cannot be displayed'.
              Any help would be appreciated please

            • Replies to Peter Burgess>

              Comment by Raphaelle Heaf posted on

              The e-Sourcing Suite is managed by CCS. You can contact them for more help on

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