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User research

Since beginning our work on the Digital Marketplace, we’ve had many discussions with buyers and suppliers. Through these we understand some of the drivers and some of the challenges faced by all users.

The more users we speak to, the faster we’re able to make the improvements that matter. If you want to make a difference and help improve the Digital Marketplace please follow this link to sign up.

If any of the following applies to you, then please do get in touch.


  • currently supplying on G-Cloud or Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework
  • currently on G-Cloud orDigital Outcomes and Specialists framework but have not made any sales
  • applied and failed to get on either framework
  • thought about going on either of the frameworks but dismissed the idea
  • have applied to the G-Cloud framework and are willing to discuss your experience of submitting services
  • don’t know what a framework is


  • you are a professional procurement person working in the public sector
  • as part of your work in the public sector you have to buy things or commission work
  • you use the Digital Marketplace regularly
  • you have looked at Digital Marketplace and can’t see how it applies to your tasks
  • you don’t know anything about the Digital Marketplace

Sign up to participate

If you match any of the descriptions above then please follow this link and leave us details of:

  • who you are
  • how we contact you
  • where you work
  • what your role is

We may also run other types of research and would like your consent to contact you with questionnaires or invitations to group workshops. Contact will be no more frequent than once a month.