Sales & accreditation information

G-Cloud Sales

All suppliers on the G-Cloud frameworks are required to provide monthly reports of invoiced sales to the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). We then publish updated figures on to this page on a monthly basis.

Page Last Updated: 16 April 2014 

Find out more about our sales figures on our dashboard.

Spend breakdown: 

£154,635,951.79 - current total (ex VAT) of reported G-Cloud sales up to the end of March 2014 (Gi, Gii, Giii and G4)
60% of total sales by value and 60% by volume, from all reported G-Cloud sales to date, have been awarded to SMEs
79% of total sales by value were through Central Government; 21% through the Wider Public Sector

  • Current March 2014 CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-10-04-14
  • Previous (February 2014) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-12-03-14
  • Previous (December 2013) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-13-12-13
  • Previous (November 2013) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-22-11-13
  • Previous (October 2013) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-16-10-13
  • Previous (September 2013) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-11-09-13
  • Previous (August 2013) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-20-08-13
  • Previous (July 2013) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-31-07-13
  • Previous (June 2013) CSV data: C-Cloud-Total-Spend-18-06-13
  • Previous (May 2013) CSV data: C-Cloud-Total-Spend-28-05-13
  • Previous (April 2013) CSV data: C-Cloud-Total-Spend-17-04-13
  • Previous (March 2013 ) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-04-03-13
  • Previous (February 2013) CSV data: G-Cloud-Total-Spend-22-03-13

  • A list of suppliers that are and have been on G-Cloud.

    An SME is defined as: Suppliers with 250 employees or less and whose annual turnover does not exceed €50m or annual balance sheet total does not exceed €43m. The organisation also has to be autonomous meaning is does not have more than 25% of its capital or voting rights owned by an organisation or multiple organisations that themselves do not meet the definition of an SME. Duplicates may occur as suppliers are listed on different framework iterations and over time, their status may have changed.

    G-Cloud Accreditation

    A list of G-Cloud PGA Accreditation List Jan 14 who currently hold a form of accreditation on G-Cloud.